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    Number of Finance Services


    We provide liquidity solutions to our Customers in various asset classes from Forex to CFDs.


    IKON Group offers Trading services in Forex, Bullion, CFDs, Futures and Options.


    Prodigy, MT4 Client and Bridge Systems, Matching Engine, MAM, Risk Management and API solutions.

    for Institutional and Corporate Investors!

    The Trading Hub

    The IKON Way

    The IKON WAY is a collection of statements that includes IKON’s Core Values, Vision, Mission and Financial Targets, as well as our People, Systems, Strategies and Success Factors.


    The IKON WAY is the reasons why IKON exists and succeeds in the market, and why our customers and liquidity providers choose to work with us.


    Strategy, Systems, People and Success Factors are the important guidelines and organization that together make it possible for IKON to achieve our IKON Vision & Mission, as well as our Financial Targets.

    IKON Mission

    To continuously increase our competitiveness by providing our customers the best support and offer in the market and developing our systems at a level that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

    IKON Vision

    To be the first choice in FX market, related products and services.

    IKON Sustainability Vision

    We are committed to integrate sustainability in all our operations as we believe this is the only viable basis for society and business to survive and grow.


    Trading & FinTech


    IKON Group offers Trading services in Forex, Bullion, CFDs, Futures and Options. These services are available on various trading solutions. Please visit our Technology section for our in-house developed Prodigy online trading system, MetaTrader4 or other API solutions such as FIX API or MT4 Bridge.


    IKON Group offers its clients and partners a wide range of technology solutions including Prodigy, MT4 Client and Bridge Systems, Matching Engine, Multi Account Management, Risk Management and API solutions. We consult our clients with experts in order to provide them the best possible technology with turnkey offers. Our team has extensive experience with technical requirements and regulations around the world and we consult our clients from A to Z for the establishment of robust trading technologies.

    MetaTrader 4

    The MetaTrader 4 terminal is a perfectly equipped traders workplace that allows to trade in FX, Bullion and CFDs. It provides the necessary tools and resources to analyze price dynamics of financial instruments, make the trade transactions, create and use automated trading programs. (Expert Advisors)


    IKON Prodigy was developed taking into account the countless inputs from a multitude of institutional as well as retail customers worldwide over 13 years in the on-line trading business. The platform is designed to be extremely user oriented and easy to use along with providing advanced features to traders. IKON Prodigy platform allows all instruments to be traded in one platform.
    (FX, Options, NDFs, CFDs, Forwards, Stocks)


    Why Choose Us?

    We help you see the world differently, discover opportunities you may never have imagined and achieve results that bridge what is with what can be.

    High Profit

    • No slow execution losses
    • Promotion deposit bonus
    • Better offerings in leverage, commissions
    • Low margin levels and competitive spreads

    High Performance

    • High speed of execution
    • Easy to use trading technology
    • 200+ Trading instruments offered
    • Desktop & Mobile Trading Platforms

    Trustworthy Deals

    • Risk Management
    • Never Blocking Money
    • 24 Hr Customer Support
    • Easy money withdrawal process

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    Our Products

    Forex, CFDs, Metals, Commodities, Indices, and Cryptos

    IKON Group has been launched with a unique vision to provide outstanding liquidity conditions and tools in the global forex markets. Our sustainable approach on localizing our products and services to each market enables us to provide the lowest cost possible along with a high quality of service for all FOREX traders around the world. We offer liquidity in foreign currencies, bullion, options and CFD products such as metals, energies, indices, commodities and currencies. Forex trading is available on the award winning MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. Hedge your FOREX risk or trade the FX markets in whatever size you need and in which ever currency you choose.
    CFDs (Contracts for Difference) are financial products that are valued in the difference between the spot price and the contract price. The instrument enables investors to achieve gains by buying price expectations and not by physically buying the product itself. CFDs are offered on a broad range of underlying assets including currencies, commodities, energies, indices and metals. The main point in trading this kind of product is the future price of the product. It is a type of futures contract and the buyer of CFD obliges to pay the difference between the value of the asset at the time of conducting the contract and the value at a future date. IKON Groups offers CFDs in metals, energies, commodities, indices and currencies.
    Unlike traditional currencies, cryptocurrency is digitalized-decrentralized currency that is not connected or controlled by any government or central banks. Cryptocurrencies are growing massively in forex. Compared to traditional pairs, crypto currencies offering wide range of volatility. For traders, cryptocurriens highly motivating products and also creating investment opportunities. IKON Group keeps up with changing trading trends by offering various cryptocurrencies.

    Tradeable Instruments


    Leverage up to 1:500


    Years of Experience


    Awards Achieved



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